Wear it With Pride

You’ve heard about the Peachtree Road Race T-shirt, the Cooper River Bridge Run T-shirt, and Bolder Bolder Race (CO) T-shirt. But, have you heard about the Brookhaven Family Run T-shirt? Over the course of it’s brief 9 year history, the Brookhaven Family Run has amassed a core group of loyal, dedicated, high performing runners. The little known secret about what keeps them coming back…year after year... you guessed it...

The annual t-shirt! Each year all registered runners receive a race T-shirt that includes the race date, race anniversary, as well as the year’s winning shirt design. The shirt is given out to all registered runners as a token of appreciation from the race committee to the hard-working athletes that share a passion for finding a cure to Duchenne.

On race day, participants and supporters will see more than a few runners showcasing shirts from years gone by as a symbol of the race legacy and their dedication to the race’s cause.

Below you can see some of the shirt designs from each of the race’s first 6 years.

Brookhaven T-Shirts Through The Years

Take a look at our past t-shirts. Click on any image below to enlarge.

2008 Brookhaven 5k T-Shirt 2009 Brookhaven 5k T-Shirt 2010 Brookhaven 5k T-Shirt 2011 Brookhaven 5k T-Shirt 2012 Brookhaven 5k T-Shirt 2013 Brookhaven 5k T-Shirt

Shirts come in a variety of sizes (selected during online race registration). Additional shirts can be ordered via the race website prior to October 15th.

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